Nicaragua Family Vacation

It’s been a while now and I’ve been pretty far from the blogging world but I couldn’t not post a few images from our family vacation to Nicaragua!For me, going to Nicaragua isn’t just another family vacation. Last time we went it was in December 2011 and since then my heart longed to go back. To breathe in the crisp air, to take in mountain views that Florida just doesn’t have. Most of all it’s about a  nostalgic feeling into a past I don’t even remember. The memories I have from before I turned 3 are sooo short and vague, but they’re there. Usually I ask my mom to confirm if they were true or just a dream. Either way it just get me so excited to just BE in Nicaragua!

Cold morning view in the streets of Matagalpa, NicaraguaWhenever we go we usually try and go other places rather than stay home the whole trip. This time was a bit different, not much time to go around between doctors visits and all. Just look at this view thought from infant of the doctors office! Matagalpa is one of the hilliest cities. I like to call them rollercoaster roads, these weren’t like the ones in Pennsylvania though. I was actually a bit scared the car would tip over when driving down each steep road.

old cathedral of managua nicaragua taken by nassimbeni photographyThis is the first time I ever went to the capitol, like past the airport I mean. My dream of visiting the old cathedral came true! It’s in ruins basically and says no trespassing everywhere with security guards surrounding the entire area (not just because of the cathedral though). My dreeaam would be to do a styled wedding shoot inside. I know its possible too because I’ve seen Costa Rican photographer Norman Cabezas in there with some amazing shots!

photo of a semilla de jicaro tree in managua, nicaragua taken by karen nassimbeni of nassimbeni photographyThis is momma <3 in front of semilla de Jicaro trees which make awesome horchata by the way.

both grandmas in esteli nicaraguaWith traveling around even if they were for doctors visits, the best time would be the time spent with family. Mom’s mom on the left and dad’s mom on the left, they are the cutest! Mom’s mom usually doesn’t let me take photos of her if she’s not all dressed up and wearing lipstick, runs in the family I guess hehe..

dad climbing mango tree in esteli nicaragua, taken by karen nassimbeniDad on the other hand, likes to climb trees to reach mangos. <3

typical nicaraguan home by nassimbeni photographycutest grandma in esteli nicaraguaHer smile though <3

photo of mother and son in esteli nicaraguaThis moment  just melted my heart. She scared us though a couple weeks before visiting. She was in the hospital again with a heart condition and had even fallen down while she was there. Thank God when she came out she was better than she had been in years!

La gigantona preforms dance in the streets of esteli nciaragualos hipicos festical in esteli nicaraguaRestaurant "el bucanero" view taken by photographer karen nassimbeniCultural dances, festivals and spectacular views I can’t wait to go back for more and hopefully next time take my love along with me to meet the family :)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Valerie says:

    So cool! What an awesome trip!


  2. Carmen says:

    Beautiful photos and you have a lovely family. So wonderful that you can go back to visit!


  3. Tiffany says:

    What an amazing opportunity! You have such a beautiful family and a wonderful heritage to learn about!


  4. What an incredible family vacation!


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