3 Tips for Finding Your Perfect Wedding Dress!

No, your wedding dress is not the most important part of your wedding. No, your wedding dress should not cost you an arm and a leg if you can’t afford it. No, your wedding dress does not determine where your marriage will be in 20 years. Yes, however…you deserve to LOVE your wedding dress and feel beautiful for your special day. 

aurora bridal gown at captain hirams wedding by Nassimbeni Photography
Aurora Bridal Boutique – Melbourne, FL

I always loooved wedding dresses; “Say Yes to the Dress” was my show! The beading, the detail, the lace, the tulle, the shapes, the sizes. Ugh, I could go on and on. Many of us still make the wedding dress a big deal and still want to love our dresses almost as much as our grooms! ..almost 😉  To find my spectacular wedding dress that I’m still obsessed with to this day even after seeing thousands of dresses after my wedding, I found a couple things work…

tips for finding a wedding dress | nassimbeni photography
Modern Bridal Shop – Orlando, FL (Photo: Sharda Photography & Design)

I went searching for something that was very “me” I don’t mean the everyday relaxed casual me. I mean the deep down inside me. This DaVinci modern take on a vintage high neck gown spoke to my inner old soul. Covered in lovely lace and I sure do love lace! How I found it…

1. Try on everything!
I mean seriously, try one all sorts of dresses, you may be surprised to see that what you thought you liked isn’t what you’re looking for. Try on something thats in style, something cliche and something a little ahead of its time.

Simple satin dresses with no train, I tried tulle stuffed ball gowns, I tried backless dresses, you name them, I tried them! Don’t be afraid to experiment. I didn’t care for a train, I ended up falling in love with such a long gorgeous train hehe.  I tried on 17 dresses at Modern Bridal Shop, that 17th dress was mine. 😉 So have fun with it, try on as many as you can even if you don’t think you’ll like it. Go to all sorts of boutiques, Davids Bridal is not the only wedding dress shop.

2. Don’t worry about the opinion of others!
In the end of it all, you’ll be the one wearing it. As long as you feel beautiful in it, you’ll look beautiful in it.

Talk about the most disappointing reaction ever.. When we finally went back to Modern Bridal Shop to actually buy the dress, it was the first time my parents were going to see the dress on me. I tried on a few more dresses just for fun and “saved the best for last”. I eagerly slipped right into the layers of material and had the biggest smile on my face as I pulled the curtain aside.. My mother, my dad, my sister and my moms best friend (basically aunt) all just sat there with the weakest half smile I’ve ever seen. They said they didn’t not like it just that I looked “too mature”. I didn’t care though, I knew it was my dress because I didn’t want to take it off! 😉

Everyone will love it and support it in the end because you love it. If you want the opinion of your friends and family just remember that it is not set in stone and that they are only suggestions. 🙂 You could always surprise them on the day of the wedding too 😉

finding the right wedding dress for you | nassimbeni photography3. Set a realistic budget 
One thing “Say Yes to the Dress” taught me was that if you look out of your price range you will fall in love with a dress you shouldn’t have fallen in love with.

If you’re going to visit a boutique call in advance and ask how their prices range. If $3000 dresses aren’t in your budget please just stay away from them. I’m guilty. My dress was out of my budget by a little, I didn’t realize when I picked it out. 😦 I wouldn’t accept another one after that lol, so we moved the budget around a bit. There are many gorgeous dresses under $1000 even under $500 you just have to be patient and look around.

tips for finding your wedding dress
Davids Bridal

Have fun with it! 🙂

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  1. nayardt says:

    Great tips! Congrats!


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