Anyone up for an intimate wedding at the Maitland Art Center!?

Even though we’re living in Sanford we’ve traveled down to Port St Lucie basically every weekend since we moved here in January. This past weekend was finally our weekend to just do nothing and stay home.maitland art center entrance and large oak by nassimbeni photographyWell if you know us you know that as much as we love laying out being lazy and doing nothing we couldn’t let this weekend go to waste.

main attraction at the maitland art center by nassimbeni photographyAbout 30 minutes down the road is the Maitland Art Center! I’m not even sure how I heard of it but it was near by, gorgeous and free to walk the ground so why not explore!

maitland art center in central florida by nassimbeni photography
Let me just point out that it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for an intimate wedding or elopement and I’d love to be the one to photograph a wedding here ❤

karen nassimbeni at the maitland art centerA big trigger for Breno wanting to go out and explore was his new found love for film photography which some of you may have heard about it you follow me elsewhere.

bruno nassimbeni at the maitland art center by nassimbeniHe needed to fill up another roll of B&W film so he could develop two at a time at home. Yes, he bought a container, chemicals all sorts of things and he loves it! I of course am a proud wife :D

karen nassimbeni at the maitland art center studiosAs hot as it was around noon when we went it was totally worth heading over to :)

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