Daytona for the day | Personal

Every once in a while on our days off, Breno and I like to pick a random near(ish) location and just go for it!This past weekend was one of the rare weekends we weren’t down in St Lucie county so I thought why not Daytona 🙂

ritchey plaza in daytona beach by nassimbeni photographyIf any of you follow along on Instagram stories you might have seen Breno’s recent Boulevard motorcycle purchase. Daytona being super big on motorcycles, there was no way he was going there in the car.. so we rode the bike  😅

in front of the clock tower at daytona beach pier by nassimbeni photographyBreno packed his film camera and I my digital and we just headed out, no agenda, no time limits, just for fun. Sometimes those are the best kind of days. It was humid, it was hot but it was great. We had fun just walking around..and eating lol. 😄

stingray caught on daytona beach pier by nassimbeni photographyWe even saw someone catch a stingray.. 😳

slingshot ride and palm trees at daytona beach by nassimbeni photographyI’m not too big on seafood but we decided to try Bubba Gump aaaaand oh my oh my.. best hush puppies ever! So good that when we went to Islands of Adventure on Monday we got an order to go..😅 Yeah, just try them. They’re that great! P.S. Just Krispy Creme made this little outing sooooo worth it! 😋🍩

welcome to daytona beach sign by nassimbeni photographyIt was awesome wondering around Daytona but next time I’ll wear shorts lol. We had three to four hours of just enjoying each others company in a cool area! My suggestion, just go it. Don’t make big fancy plans, don’t stress over where to go, what to do, what to wear, just go. Go anywhere and everywhere, enjoy simple things. Next I’ll try and convince him for us to DRIVE to St Augustine, we live close enough so why not 😉

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