White City Park Anniversary Session | Michael & Sandra

High School sweethearts are cute and all but with Michael and Sandra….
since 8th grade!white-city-park-photos-anniversary-photos-port-st-lucie-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography-5
With Breno and I being the way that we are, super mushy and lovey with each other, seeing other couples that are like that just gives me life!

Sandra and Michael have that! They have that natural chemistry where they don’t have to say even a word to make each other smile and it’s ADORABLE!

white city park anniversary photos under weeping bottle brush tree by port st lucie wedding photographer nassimbeni photography
PS. Check out these weeping bottlebrush trees, they are just beeeaauuuutiful!

Alright back to Michael and Sandra.. FIVE YEARS people, FIVE!

To many many people out there that may be nothing but if you’ve been together since middle school, that’s a pretty big deal.

From the moment she saw him in the hallway..<3

white-city-park-photos-anniversary-photos-port-st-lucie-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography-8white-city-park-photos-anniversary-photos-port-st-lucie-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography-12white-city-park-photos-anniversary-photos-port-st-lucie-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography-11white-city-park-photos-anniversary-photos-port-st-lucie-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography-9white city park engagement photos by port st lucie wedding photographer nassimbeni photography
I absolutely loved photographing you two, happy anniversary!

White City Park
Port St Lucie Wedding Photographer – Nassimbeni Photography

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