Getting Married Young | We did it anyways..

We are not “unrealistically in love” we know it’s difficult, we know it’s not all butterflies and unicorns. We know it’s hard work and effort and lots of will power. We know it’s a whole different mindset to get married, especially young. We know many say we are too young, we did it anyways.

I was 21 and he was 24 🙂

port st lucie wedding photographer and videographer team

“Do you even really know each other. What if you don’t like his bad habits. You know statistics say…” No, no, thank you. I don’t care what statistics say. We did it anyways.


“It won’t be fun” they said.

“You’re so vulnerable at this age, you’re so naive, you’re so inexperienced.”

…we did it anyways.

“What do you know about love, what do you know about being a wife, what do you know about making a meal.” Guess what, as humans, we learn..we adapt so we did it anyways.


I’m not here to convince you to get married at an age you’re not mentally, emotionally or even financially prepared to get married. That’s your own choice. But for those of you that are absolutely certain yet have all these other voices stating opinions you never once asked for… listen to the voice that matters. Let the Lord guide you. Divorce is only an option because people make it an option, its been “normalized”. Marriage is not a monster or impossible, even if you’re young 😉

port-st-lucie-wedding-photorapher-port-st-lucie-wedding-videographer-nassimbeni-photography-5If you’re going to fight, learn to fight fairly. If you’re going to be mad, learn to apologize first. Humility is key on both ends. If one needs some breathing room, wait for the conversation to take place. Learn some perfect timing.

We don’t have it all figured out, we’re are not a perfect couple, but we did it anyways and we’re loving it!
We’re the couple that prefers to leave a party early holding hands all the way home and getting married young isn’t something we’d change at all!

Happy Valentines Day to my forever love, Breno Nassimbeni ❤

Breno does vlogs in portuguese but he convinced me to start one of us in english, here is the behind the scenes of this quick shoot we did!

Port St Lucie wedding photographer and videographer, husband and wife team

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