Peek n Peak, Ski Trip | New York | The Nassimbeni’s

It was all fun and games until it was time for us to leave. Not because we didn’t want our vacation to be over though…

This past weekend we took a family ski trip to Peek n Peak resort in Clymer, New York (aka no where near the city). When we lived in PA I barely checked the mail during the winter! Me and cold aren’t friends.. It is pretty though!

The day we arrived we headed to the Niagara Falls (USA side) and it looked like a winter wonderland. None of us were prepared for the wind though!

Have any of you seen drone fails on youtube? They fall out of the sky with almost any bit of water on them. Howeverrrrrrrrr, Breno still wanted to fly the drone, facepalm*.

Spoiler: The drone survived and it looked awesome!!

My love.. my crazy crazy love! 😁💕

The fam.

At some point Breno had to come searching for us, but this was literally me the entire time out there. Somehow he was supposed to recognize me hahaha! (I’m the one with the cream scarf) .

I took a tumble my first time half way down one of the big slopes and ended up back at the bunny slopes for the rest of the night!


So about that “all fun and games till it’s over”.. Sunday morning while were all getting ready to go to the airport to come back home, they tell me to check in through the phone. I hadn’t received the email though…

Turns out I booked Breno and I the wrong flight back! 😂 Whoops.. I still blame Breno! hehe

On the bright side though, we took our extra day to explore Niagara Falls from the Canadian side!

Breno hasn’t vlogged OUR last day but it’ll be coming up!

Loved Queen Victoria Park!

Loved our winter getaway and learning how to ski (sort of) but I think we should do someplace warm next time!

Oh and lesson learned… let Breno do the booking next time! 😂

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