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This has been an idea that has been brewing for quite sometime now. A series directed to you, our brides (and grooms) looking for help because… who really gets into wedding planning know what the heckkk they’re doing!? On Wednesdays you can now expect some topics to help you out, both photography and not photography related.

WHY HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER - nassimbeni photography

This question right here neeeeded to be addressed. When I was a bride I had no idea how wedding planners worked and all I thought was that my entire budget would go to them. SO.. answering some questions for us is one of my favoriteeee local wedding planners, Darah Koprowski from DK Events. She is amazing, sweet and goes way more than above and beyond for you and your day!

why hire a wedding planner? - nassimbeni photography

How do you keep your sanity during the wedding planning process?

“Hire a planner! Seriously, just do it. Whether they help you with the a-z planning or just certain parts of your special day. It never fails, year after year, event after event, we are deeply saddened to see brides and clients overly stressed out and in a position where they are not even able to truly enjoy the process along the way. Your special life events are special because they do not happen every day.

Some only once in a lifetime! So please, enjoy the process by getting some help and taking some of the planning weight off of your shoulders. Besides, a good planner should be able to save you some significant cost, sometimes even enough cost that it totally makes sense to hire them by offsetting much of what hiring one would cost you anyway. They have the connections you need and the experience to know how to achieve your vision at lower cost than what it would be if you were attempting to do it all on your own.”

Why is wedding planning stressful

What are some benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

“There are SO MANY, where do I even start?  Hiring a planner is often like hiring a team of people to help you make your dreams become a reality. They can play the role of your organizer, your conceptualizer, your decorator, your networker, some offer budgeting help, creative outlooks, experienced perspectives, and even ways to save.

They are your firefighter when things come up that could potentially burn down your big day by putting out fires and finding creative problem solving solutions. Which is why it’s just as important to make sure you hire a good planner that fits your needs as it is to have a dress, your food, the music and a photographer the day of. A good planner can change your wedding planning life!”

Why hire a wedding planner - nassimbeni photography

Why do you think brides opt out of hiring a planner?

“We live in a culture, especially in America where we more often than not seek out grandeur and what it is we see on pinterest, in celebrities lives and on social media. That tends to shape our dreams of our big day, yet our budgets don’t often reflect those dreams. So I think the planner is an expense that is usually viewed as an expendable expense to most when looking at where money will indeed be spent, when really its one of your greatest assets in helping you to achieve your day with out blowing your budget. Not forgetting to mention they help ensure you are able to truly enjoy the entire process.

I also believe we live in a culture of over filling our schedules on a daily basis. So most of us think we are almost a form of super human and that we can do it all. Yet when the time to plan comes and reality hits, we are all truly very busy and can quickly become overwhelmed and stressed out. So with work, family, and all of lives other responsibilities, finding time to plan becomes increasingly difficult and almost taxing.”


What are some misconceptions couples have of hiring a wedding planner? 

“My perspective from the feedback I get on a daily bases and even from my own personal view when it came to planning my very own special day is that wedding planners might be bossy, that they will eat up too much of the budget. Clients often think that they don’t really need the help of a planner and can do it all by themselves, that a planner wouldn’t benefit them much, that a planner wouldn’t understand what it is they want. Yet anyone I have ever met that has hired one was indebted to their planner and was so thankful that they did hire them.”


What are the types of services wedding planners offer?

“I have learned that different wedding planners really do offer a wide arrange of different services. Some are limited and some are very expansive. At DK Events our wedding planning services offer every service necessary to make your special day happen, either through us directly or through our preferred vendor partnerships. However, some planners focus in on providing and specializing in just particular services such as day of coordinating. These types of planners often assist with the planning that is involved in the day of itinerary and ceremony, then the execution of the actual wedding day. Others help with much of the planning, if not all of it leading up to day of but do not provide day of services. Some offer budgeting help, décor assistance, vendor and rental orders, and the list goes on. So when selecting one it is very important to know what type of help it is that you actually need and want and compare that to what it is that their planning services offer.”

what makes wedding planning easier

Who is Darah?

“My name is Darah Koprowski, Wedding planner and owner of DK Events. I am a wife to my unbelievably handsome best friend, James and mommy to my sweet and stinkery little 2yr old girl named Jensen.

To put it simply, I’m just a girl who has been unbelievably blessed by Jesus with the opportunity to live out her dreams and greatest passions by using the many gifts that for whatever reason He had decided to give me. I absolutely LOVE special life events, especially weddings and all that is involved in planning them!

At DK Events we truly believe we work with the best in the BIZ. Our hearts burn with the desire to provide superior service at the best possible price! We believe that your special day should NOT break the bank.”


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  1. Love it! So true! Love you guys and Darah! Let me know when you are ready to talk about cake!!! lol


    1. OMGnesss absolutely!!! I would loveeee that!


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