Unexpected Disney Trip! | The Nassimbenis

I’ve mentioned before how Breno and I had an agreement to not go to Disney until we had kids that were even old enough to remember the trip. 

parade floats at disney world

Why I agreed? Because yes, I am a Disney freak but I totally understand that Disney doesn’t have the biggest adult rides like Busch Gardens or Hershey Park. Sooo.. whatever I can be patient lol.

con chip y dale en Disney world orlando

HOWEVERRRRR! My aunt and cousin came to visit from Nicaragua. The same week they got here my mom called asking if I had Saturday free and wanted to go. (I would’ve been highly upset if I wasn’t available) BUT.. off to Disney we went!!! 😁

karen nassimbeni in front of cinderella castle

Breno had to work though so he had me take over the vlog.. AWKWARD. I also had no idea what to say! So bare with me..it was my first time vlogging solo. 🙈

If you don’t already know, I cry at just about everything! Disney movies are no different. What I didn’t expect was to get emotional at the parade. It was one of those oneness I’m here and its all so beautiful kind of watery eyes.


At first I upset I didn’t really see any of the princess out giving autographs and when I saw Tiana she was walking away. Preparing for the parade though so fine.. lol. Guess I wasn’t looking in the right places!

Disney World Orlando cinderella castle

Ughhh just look at it! 😍

dad likes to joke

Dad thinks he’s funny……….

disney world orlandodisney world orlando entrance

This is my cousin, Shere. Her mom is my moms first cousin on their dads side. Mom says we hadn’t seen them since I was 2 years old. When they came to visit the US a couple years ago she reached out to my mom and asked if we lived near Miami so we could meet up.

Since then we’ve gotten so close to them and cherish their friendship so much! They’re the kind of people that go above and beyond. They have the biggest hearts and really, just don’t expect to be bored around them because they’re hilarious!

Disney's afternoon paradeDisney world end of the night firework show

Ok another tear jerker was the fireworks show and what they were projecting on the castle. It was soooooo beautiful!  My tears weren’t the important ones though, it was my aunts and cousins. They cried so much and I was just so happy that they had the opportunity to go to Disney because that was really never in their plans. 💕

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