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I write this not only because I am a wedding photographer but because I felt super uninformed when I was a bride searching for one. I was not a wedding photographer back in those days and didn’t know much of anything when it came to weddings. 
So here’s a few tips on how to find the right wedding photographer for you! Whether you choose us or someone else, we want it to be who is best for you. 🙂

what to look for in a wedding photographer

Let’s be real here, low one or high one, we are all on some sort of budget. shared that the average wedding cost in Port St Lucie, Florida last year (2016) was $28,728. suggests 10-12% of your budget to go towards your photography/videography. As a bride I had no idea what the average cost of anything was! I didn’t know what those prices usually included, nothing! But really, who does? So, do your research and compare. View package options, what you’d receive and what your rights to the images are, how printing will be handled, when are photos received? Know what you’re getting into before you sign! (Actually read the contract)

Yes, you’ll have each other and your actual memories of your wedding day. You may regret splurging on personalized napkins and fancy aisle runners but what you will not regret is spending on good photography/videography. Your physical memories.. ones that gain value as the years go by. Beginner or professional photographer? Where do you place that on your value scale?

find the right wedding photographer

How to Actually Find One

Search everywhere! Not all photographers are on the first page of google or wedding wire (and who really keeps clicking past the first couple pages). Ask recently married couple you know who they used. Use social media to your advantage! Instagram hashtags and location tags are your best friend. Check area, city and even venue tags.

#Treasurecoastweddingphotographer #Verobeachweddingphotographer #Bellewoodplantation etc etc etc…

Editing Style

After you’ve decided on a budget and found some local options you’ll want to check out the different styles that are available to you. This is a huge part of who you and your fiancé are and a very personal choice. How do you envision your wedding photos? Where will you be hanging the photos after the wedding? Which images do you see yourself in? There’s a whole bunch but here are just a few.

We like to view our editing style here at Nassimbeni Photography as warm, bright and airy. Here is an example of what you may receive with us.

how to find the right wedding photograpehr

One of my other favorite editing styles of photography is the darker, moodier look. The Hornes are who you want to go to for this look! They are just an awesome husband and wife team with photos to match!

How to find the right wedding photographer - nassimbeni photography blog post

An intimate, clean and rich photo style you will find with Amanda Smith Photography from right here in Port St Lucie! With her amazingly joyful personality and love for what she does, she will not disappoint!

how to find the right wedding photographer

See the difference between the three? If any of these other styles are what you want to see yourselves in, then we would be doing you a disservice by photographing your wedding. So please check them out if the bright and airy look is not for you. 🙂


Quality of work will be next to check within your narrowed down options. “You get what you pay for” is a saying for a reason. Take the time to view each photographers website gallery, ask for wedding album samples, view their blog posts on each wedding and see what type of photos they shoot. Go ahead and ask to see a full wedding gallery. What you see is most likely what you’ll get.


Many don’t realize how big of a deal this is. On one of the most important days of your life you’ll want to be around someone that you feel comfortable with. Besides, they’ll be the one you’ll spend the most time around that whole day! It’s awkward enough to be photographed but add on top of that having to laugh normally around someone you don’t know that has a camera in your face, just makes it worse. Take the time to personally meet with your potential photographer and ALWAYS opt in for the engagement session!

how to choose what photographer to hire for your wedding

(Yeah that’s us! 😁 Find out the basics about us here, then lets get to really know each other right over here!)

The wedding photographer world has evolved so much over the last few years. It’s no longer “just someone with a camera”..those can produce pretty stiff images. Now it’s all about finding the right fit, and it makes sense. Find a photographer than can make you laugh, make you feel comfortable, find one you could be friends with, one that loves your wedding style just as much as you do. The one that’s actually concerned with the small stuff you missed while you were having fun. Those are the ones that will produce the best images for you!

choosing your wedding photographer


Yeah, as much of a great person that they can be please please please make sure they are a legit business. Clear contract, licensing, insurance, experience, the works! A professional knows that these things protect not only themselves but the clients as well. Do they respond in a timely manor? Do they explain things clearly to you? How are you treated? Take all of this into consideration to save you some heartache down the road.

These are just a few main points when searching for your wedding photographer. What points did I miss?? What else do you look for in a wedding photographer?

Wanting to know more about us and our wedding services? Get in touch! 😁

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