How to Pick Your Engagement Session Location | Wedded Wednesday

I get asked all the time “Where’s a good location for engagement session photos?” and theres maaaany many many beautiful locations but here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the best one for you. 🙂

Kraft Azalea gardens - choosing the right engagement session location

  1. Sentimental Reasons – When Breno proposed to me it was already so dark that we didn’t get too many photos there that night. So I had no doubt that White City Park was our spot, it was beautiful but most importantly, that’s where he proposed. 💕Pick the location where you two first went on a date, where he proposed, where you met. Did you know each other when you were kids? Where did you hang out? Theres sooo many more options when you open up to the possibilities of a sentimental location. Don’t worry too much about it not being “picture perfect” leave that part up to your photographer, they got this 😉

    Bok Tower Gardens -Nassimbeni Photography

  2. Fees – Yeah I know…you’ve paid to have your pictures taken but you want someplace really different for the location.  Well, those really amazing unique locations can come with some extra costs. Some places charge you just to walk in, others charge you to be taking photos there with a  professional photographer on top of that. Yes, that is usually a fee you as the client will have to cover unless your photographer shoots there so often that they are a member there. On top of that, if you’re in the Treasure Coast area you know pretty well those types of places are far. So remember to read your contract to see how far you can go without a travel fee. Sucks, I know.. but if you’re really wanting something unique, these are worth it!Examples: Society of the Four Arts
    Bok Tower Gardens
    Vizcaya Gardens & Museum
    Bethesda Church by the Sea
    Valkaria Gardens

    how to pick and engagement session location
    (Totally snuck a photo of us in because people never consider old cool looking places for their engagement photos. We found this one while just driving around wanting to shoot one day, Breno vlogged it. 🙃 PS. Check how the outfit doesn’t “go” with the setting.. AND THAT’S OK)

  3. Hobbies – Consider your hobbies, what you do for fun, what you’re just into. Breno for example loves his cruiser motorcycle. If we were to take his bike along we’d probably want to go somewhere a bit more industrial looking. Are you just homebodies, an at home session is super intimate and perfect for summer’s unpredictable weather! If you guys go riding bikes down a certain trail, lets go there! Shoot take the bikes too!  Love gardening, your own backyard or even a local nursery could work great! Always sit down and have a good chat with your photographer, the more they know about you and your likes the more they can help out with making your engagement session location ones thats really special to you. (and not just the same old place your coworker had her photos taken)  🙃how-to-choose-the-best-engagement-session-location-
  4. Weather – Lets face it, we live in Florida. (And I’m sure other states have their own reasons why weather is a big deal). All week it says Saturday will be perfect weather, come Saturday there’s a random tropical storm that came out of freaken no where! Bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to reschedule. Okay, if you really wanted that wide open field with the bright sunlight, then yeah sure, reschedule. (Unless your totally up for photos in the rain! 😃) Again, read your contract. Are there rescheduling fees? Rescheduling can get very tricky, if your photographer is at a busy season they might not have many dates available for you. If you’re getting professional hair and makeup, everything has to match up well. So.. if your getting your photos done in this crazy rainy season…maybe chose a backup location or a location that has covering as well. You wanted the beach but it got rained out? Try under the bridges, still by the water and still keeping dry on the date you originally chose!how to find the perfect engagement session location
  5. It’s Not About the Location – Take a wild guess as to what it’s all about! YOU! The photos should be way more about your love, your connection, your relationship than about the prettiest spot in the world!Just got engaged and now super excited about finding a cool spot?
    Talk to us, we got you! 😉

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