What to Wear For for Engagement Photos | Wedded Wednesday

Next big question about engagement sessions! What to even wear, it’s hard enough on a daily basis but for pictures!?

These really are all just suggestions, please don’t go getting yourself into outfits you’re just not comfortable in and don’t feel like yourself in. Totally ruins the experience. Get creative and take your time on choosing your outfits. AKA don’t go searching the day before to find the perfect pink button up.

Choosing an outfit can go before or after choosing a location, if you’re still looking check out our “How to pick your engagement session location” post!

OPTIONS – I always allow my couples to take two outfits and suggest one casual and one dressy. One is so you’re comfortable, get used to being in front of the camera and just be yourselves because that’s what the photos are for anyways. The other is because… umm how often do you get professional photos taken? Shoot take advantage of that, go all out!

sunset engagement session at the kraft azalea gardens by nassimbeni photography

SHOES –  Shoes can make or break an outfit and yes there will be full body photos. Make sure they’re clean, please, just please. For girls and guys, just avoid running sneakers. If we’re by the water, go barefoot!

Ladies – I’m a lover of heels (probably because I’m short). The type of heels you wear can take your outfit from “brunch wedges” to “night out stilettos”. If you can’t walk in your shoes for long make sure to bring a pair of flats for walking around, or try a more comfy chunky heel.

Gentlemen – Unless we’re by the water or on a boat, sperrys are not dress shoes. Unless your sneakers are perfectly crisp and clean for your casual outfit, avoid them or clean them up. At some point in your life you will need dress shoes (ex: your wedding!). Dress shoes or more casual dress shoes like bucks, chukkas or oxfords are actually not as terrible as they sound.


DETAILS MATTER – Ironing your clothes before arriving is SUPER IMPORTANT. No, I will not iron your shirt in photoshop. 🙃 I have a shirt that gets wrinkly just by looking at it, I don’t wear it for photos, simple. Don’t wear the belt that looks like it survived a hurricane. Consider your undergarments, how see through is your dress? Take the right bra for each outfit. Guys, the right socks matter.

MATCHING – Uhhh..don’t. You know, those dated family portraits with everyone wearing jeans and a white shirt. Yeahhh.. like I said, “dated”. Choose to wear outfits that “go” together rather than match perfectly.  Patterns are ok, just not when both of you wears patterns.

GRAPHICS – I mean unless it’s your thing and we’re doing some sort of rocker look, just don’t wear huge graphic tees or over powering brand logos. Your engagement photos are not a billboard.

couple at a worth avenue engagement session by nassimbeni photography

LADIES CASUAL – Personally, I hate jeans, too stiff for me. If that’s your go to though, wear it! Add a cute top or even a basic one that you can dress up with a statement necklace and you’re good to go! Chunky heels and wedges are good for these. Add personality to your casual outfits, add accessories like hats and sunglasses. Think of your casual outfit as the brunch outfit or something you would go to a baby shower in. Sundresses, cotton maxi dress, rompers, jumpers etc.

MENS CASUAL – Ummmm so Breno’s causal is tank tops, cargo pants and converse. Let’s go a little dressier than that. Colored chinos and a short sleeve button up, like an afternoon party type of outing outfit. Guys I know you have personality too, add accessories to your outfit as well. Leather jackets are always a yes in my book. 😏


LADIES DRESSY – Here’s were you can add the thinner heel to dress up an outfit you may already have. Think cocktail attire, tone down the accessories. Take full advantage of the fact that you’re getting professional photos done.

MENS DRESSY – Think of what you’d wear to a garden wedding. You don’t have to wear a tux but a blazer goes well with almost anything. Not a fan of the blazer? Tucking in a long sleeve button up does wonders. Match your shoes to your belt. Ties are always optional when you’re taking photos.

Port St Lucie Wedding Photographer Nassimbeni Photography at Gleason Park sunrise engagement photos

COLORS – Personally, I think “you’ll wear white one your wedding day” BUT whatever floats your boat. 😌 Choose a “look” for you too and stick to it, don’t have your groom in a bold red while your over there wearing mint green. Just because you’re wearing a certain color doesn’t mean he has to wear that exact color somewhere on him. Neutrals are always a plus. Keep in mind these will someday be displayed in places other than social media.

A bit more visual? Get some outfit inspiration from the amazing pinterest! We have a board specifically for engagement session outfits.

Not sure what to wear? Talk to your photographer and see if they can give you some ideas based on what you have or what look your going for!

If you already have a session with us and want to talk fashion I am all ears! 😍

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