What to Wear For for Engagement Photos

It’s hard enough on a daily basis but for pictures!?These really are all just suggestions, PLEASE don’t go getting yourself into outfits you’re just not comfortable in and don’t feel like yourself in. Totally ruins the experience.

BUT, do get creative, plan them out and take your time choosing your outfits. AKA don’t go searching the day before to find the perfect pink button up. (Dad did that for our wedding. 🙄) Which brings me to my first point…

Bethesda by the Sea engagement photos - Nassimbeni photo and films

Dad isn’t my only example of last minute shopping. Our headshots from May…I had the outfits on the left planned out for months! The ones on the right, after multiple fails, plenty of disappointment and pain from walking around, I found something last minute! So, you know……SEARCH EARLY!

PRO TIP: Keep an eye out for cute stuff long before you’ve even booked  your engagement session. Things always look great when you’re not looking for them for some reason. 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s a lot harder for us girls to find something too! Breno already had his blue blazer outfit picked out, so I had to work around that. Which added the extra level of difficulty. Some styles may just not be as popular in stores as you’d hope resulting in online shopping! Here’s some recommended sites of different budget levels and pleaseee totally tell me if you know of any others!

Lulus – Fashion NovaBHLDN – ASOS

What to wear for engagement photos at the beach - Nassimbeni Photo & Films

OPTIONS – I always recommend to take two outfits and suggest one casual and one dressy. One is so you’re comfortable, get used to being in front of the camera and just be yourselves because that’s what the photos are for anyways. The other is because… umm how often do you get professional photos taken? Shoot take advantage of that, go all out! You decide how dressy and how casual you want to be.

Choosing an outfit can go before or after choosing a location! Don’t let that hinder you, take Alexandra and Orlando for example…no, long gown and long sleeve button up make sense at the beach. BUT IT LOOKS HOT!

What to wear for engagement photos in worth ave - nassimbeni photo & films


DETAILS MATTER – This is the little stuff we all forget about! So I’m going to list off a few:

– Iron your outfit. Don’t put it on til you get to the session if it gets wrinkled easily.

– Don’t wear the stuff that looks like it survived a hurricane. (EX: Doggy chewed belt)

– Your socks do show, find the right ones.

– Make sure the bra is the proper one for each outfit.

– I photograph hands. Clean them up (guys too) and get them done if you’d like.

– Shoes can take an outfit from “walking around on a Sunday” to ” nice first date” real quick. Choose the look you want.

– Guys, trim the beard, get a fresh cut.

– Get professional hair and makeup done. It MAKES a difference.

– Please believe me when I say no amount of hairspray will make loose curls last on a hot and humid Florida day in the summer. At least have a back up up do for the second half of the session. 🙏🏽



MATCHING – Uhhh..don’t. You know, those dated family portraits with everyone wearing jeans and a white shirt. Yeahhh.. like I said, “dated”. Choose to wear outfits that “go” together rather than match perfectly.

Pick a color palette to go by, neutrals, vibrant, dark, pastels anything to go by will help. Like Carlo and Cassandra on the above right image… he wore jeans, so instead she wore white  pants! 😃 If you’re having trouble with which palette to go by, keep in mind these will someday be displayed in places other than social media. So if you want to match the wedding, your living room or bedroom decor, that could work as well.

GRAPHICS – I mean unless it’s your thing and we’re doing some sort of rocker look, just don’t wear huge graphic tees or over powering brand logos. Your engagement photos are not a billboard. But if it’s Gun’s n Roses with a leather jacket I TOTALLY ACCEPT! 😜


BONUS: Let the guys shine a bit here too. 😉 I know with the whole wedding thing its a bit scary letting them choose things LOL but they might just surprise you. I loooovveee seeing a guys personality through their outfits. Or even when I find out they were actually the ones to pick the girls outfit and it turned out awesome!

PINTEREST: It’s a lot easier to get ideas on styles and color combinations when you can actually seeeee it. I tried showing some examples on here with my past couples but obviously Pinterest has more and lots that I haven’t photographed! So I created a board with tons of engagement session outfit ideas! 🤗 It’s a mix of formal and casual and different colors….just go check it  out!

Not sure what to wear? Talk to your photographer and see if they can give you some ideas based on what you have or what look your going for!

If you already have a session with us and want to talk fashion I am all ears! 😍

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