Visiting Brazil for the First Time – The Nassimbenis

Being married to a Brazilian has it perks 😉

This is a blog post that has been saved to my drafts for a longggg time now (that’s why these have the old watermark on them lol). It’s been over a year now since we were in Brazil and I honestly can’t wait to go back. For many reasons but one main reason is a bit hard to explain. It’s like something in the atmosphere that just feels fresh and calming, the same feeling I get when going to Nicaragua to visit family. And if someone ever knows what I’m talking about, let me know!Fotografos dos Estados Unidos no Brasil
And of course, there was a couple..Breno’s uncle and girlfriend Amanda. So how could I resist taking at least a few photos of them!

belo horizonte engagement photos by american photographer nassimbeni photography
It was Breno’s first time back in 10 years. See, he was born here in Florida but was raised over there. 🙂

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 6
That means, one of my favorite things! Lots of walks down memory lane 😁

brazil trip - the nassimbenis
From his tiny bedroom with the same desk and bed he no longer fits in, to seeing the path he took home from school and many old photos!

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 4
Almost everyone we visited had some story of a terrible thing Breno would do as a kid. The best part though is that now looking back, those stories are funny and everyone that had a story didn’t tell it from a hateful place. They told the stories with so much love and that had to be my absolute favorite part of the trip. Just seeing how much they missed and love the man I love. 💕 They’re definitely proud of the man he’s become these days!

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 5
I think my next favorite thing had to be just about everything else! There’s just now way to put it in any order. The hospitality we were met with with beyond warm and welcoming! 🤗💕 I mean.. I can for sure say the same about the food! 🤤

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 8brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 2
Unfortunately we weren’t there because we had the extra cash laying around to go traveling. We went because his grandma was really sick. We met the most amazing person, Lourdes, that was watching her almost 24/7. She also cooks amazingly! Sadly Grandma Vilma passed away a few months after we were there. She raised Breno for a lot of his childhood, she loved him like a son and grandma. I can’t even put it into words how blesseddddd I was to have met her! Choosing to go over there so last minute was the best thing we did! Spent a few days with her, kept her company, listened to some stories and raided her stuff for old photo albums and even found an old camcorder and Breno’s kindergarten graduation tape!

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 9
On a brighter note! Breno’s childhood best friend and his mom and sister! Again with the crazy younger Breno stories 😉

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 10
So I liked the video from our Brazil trip on here….. you’ll see me mouthing out “help” when his uncle put this giant thing on my HEAD!
brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 13
Governador Valadares, Minas Gerais

brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 11
brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 12brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 14brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 15brazil-destination-wedding-photographer-nassimbeni-photography- 16Til next time Brazil!

Don’t miss the video for the food, culture and that infamous waterfall where Breno lost his 2 weeks old 128gb iPhone 7. 🙃

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