Society of Four Arts Engagement Photos – Emmanuel & Marie

Funny story with this one.. So we had just arrived to the second part of Emmanuel and Marie’s session. So she goes and asks me what elementary I went to, after I listed the three…Marie goes, “we had a class together!” By no means did I remember her.

She continues to ask if my maiden name was Rodriguez, yes, it is lol. “You had really long hair, you didn’t wear glasses back then…”etc etc etc. Still no clue. Til we crossed the street, then it hit me. IT.HIT.ME. Story time….

Back in fourth grade, Marie had come from Disney with her family that weekend and she had the Mickey shaped pencil. She showed us all and passed it around class. Well… I broke it. That has legit stayed with me since then because I never told her back then! 🙈

Back to the session: I told her, “I know exactly who you are now!…I have a confession to make, something that’s been burdening me since then, I was the one that broke your Mickey pencil” 😂 Thankfully we laughed it off and all was forgiven! 🙈

photos at the society of four arts in palm beach - nassimbeni photo & films engagement session
This was one of my favorite sessions! On top of us getting to laugh at old times, Emmanuel and Marie just had this amazing chemistry! You could see how much they loved each other and how much they loved each others company and just having fun together!

And I mean…. I do, have to comment on this…..THOSE OUTFITS! 😍

So please go ahead and look through and enjoy their contagious smiles!

Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-16engagement photos at the society of four arts in palm beach - nassimbeni photo & filmsSociety of four arts center engagement photos - elegant engagement outfits - nassimbeni photo & filmsSociet-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-11Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-5Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-12Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-13Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-7Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-6Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-15Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-8Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-17Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-10Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-4Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-14Societ-of-four-arts-engagement-session-palm-beach-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-18

Nassimbeni Photo & Films, Palm Beach photographers

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