Bok Tower Engagement/Elopement Photos | John & Joanna

I get an email from John a few weeks before the engagement session..

“Here’s the curveball. We also want to get married that day. WHAAATTTTTT?!?!?! That’s right!”
Soooo yeah… our engagement session turned into a quick elopement right after! 😄

Bok Tower Engagement Photosbok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-6Bok Tower engagement photos - Nassimbeni Photo & Filmsbok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-Engagement at the Bok Tower Gardens - Lake Walesbok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-7Photos at Bok Tower Gardens - Nassimbeni Photo & Filmsbok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-8bok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-9bok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-10bok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-11bok-tower-engagement-photos-nassimbeni-photo-and-films-12

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