The Lake House Wedding | Ft Pierce, FL | John & Joanna

The Lake House wedding venue in Fort Pierce has easily become one of my favorites! As for this wedding… we all fought so hard with choosing where the ceremony would be. It would slightly rain, then stop, then once the guests were seated for the ceremony to be under the tree it “drizzled” HARD! 😩 Moments after moving everyone under the tent…it    stopped… 😐 Talk about stressful. In the end everyone moved back out and despite the clouds and light drizzle and my heart was sooooo sooo happy knowing John & Joanna had their dream ceremony exactly where they planned for it to be! 💕 You haveeee to see how beautiful it turned out!

Don’t forget to check out their highlight video at the bottom! ✨

Photos/Video | Nassimbeni Photo & Films
Venue | The Lake House
Gown | Olivia Bowen Bridal: Historic Downtown Melbourne, FL
Florals | Sarandipity Floral
Groomsmen Attire | Cardita Formal Wear
Bar Service | Drinks by Dawn
Makeup | Makeup Houdini
Hair | Paul Wolfgang Ganieany with Black Sheep Salon
Cake | Cakes by Michelle

The Lake House Fort Pierce Wedding VenueThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-8Olivia Bowen Bridal Gown at the lake house venueThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-5The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-6the lake house bridal suiteThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-4The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-7The lake house fort pierce bridal suitesaranditpitiy bridesmaids bouquetsThe lake house wedding venueThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-14The lake house wedding ceremonyThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-15ceremony under oak tree at the lake houseThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-13The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-12The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-19The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-20The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-23The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-24The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-22the lake house wedding - Nassimbeni photo & FilmsThe-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-25The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-21The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-26The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-28The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-18The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-29The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-31The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-30The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-32The-Lake-House-Fort-Pierce-Wedding-Nassimbeni-Photo-and-Films-33

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