Baby Girl Floral Nursery Reveal – The NassimBabi

39 weeks pregnant today and we finally have Thalía’s room fully ready for a reveal!
Now we’re definitely at the point where we can’t wait to meet our little girl, so ready for her to make her arrival any day now! This pregnancy has been way more than I could have ever hoped for. We had a bit of a low amniotic fluid scare in March, but as bad as that could’ve been we thank God that it  was only dehydration. I had to be counting at least 10 water bottles every day but everything stayed leveled and we were back in the clear soon enough!

Sooo about her nursery though.. It’s a gold and floral dream! Let me just say, this child has a more cute and complete room than I’ve ever had in my life! I was finally able to finish a look all the way through in one room and I’m obsessed!! Flowers are definitely my thing and honestly this shade of pink was just everywhere (I originally wanted a more dusty rose color but oh well, light pink it is).

“More gold!?” is what Breno kept asking every time he’d see a new piece, “..there’s gold in every part of the house.” hehehe. I mean…of course it had to be gold in there, why wouldn’t it be 🤷🏽‍♀️.

But now, let me give you a bit of a tour here..

(Links to some items are below!)

gold and pink floral nursery reveal
This mirror is everything I wanted and more, I only found out about it thanks to a fellow mom to be posting about it on her instagram stories!
peony nursery decor
Before anyone has any mini heart attacks, the pillow and crib decor are only in there for the pictures. 🙃
Pink nursery maternity photos
Guys, at this point in the pregnancy I am very very over having this belly. Its big, it    uncomfortable, I can’t breathe, I can’t roll over without some sort of pain BUT there was no way I wasn’t going to get some quick shots of us in her room! 🥰

Custom Calligraphy Name Sign - My Custom Timber
We’re still debating on what her middle name will be… I would’ve loved Ariela but Breno isn’t having it. He says at least her middle name needs to be something “easy” and likes Mariana. 🤷🏽‍♀️ We’ll see..

By the way.. her name is pronounced “Tuh-lee-ah”. The H is silent and it’s not short for Natalia. 🙃

Proud daddy! 💕 I’m beyond excited to see them together. He’s already all over Rocky and I know with your own baby…he’ll just be on a whole other level! 🥰

39 weeks pregnant. baby nursery revealpeony nursery decor inspiration
This is the painting that started the whole room off.. you know, you get that one piece and everything has to go with it. I couldn’t leave it behind, this is also why everything is more blush than pink though lol.

peony and bunnies girl nurseryPink and gold nursery inspiration
This has to be one of my favorite spots, just sooo many cute little things like the jar of headbands that I’m reeeeeally hoping she won’t rip off instantly. 😬

pink and gold basket shelves in nursery
Ok so about this glider… it’s VERY COMPACT! 😂 We ordered it and couldn’t cancel the order when we realized the dimensions and started wondering if it was for kids. After seeing that many nursery gliders are pretty small too we decided to give it a chance.

I’m 5’2″ so it  was actually pretty great for me! Easy to get in and out of but again..”compact” I don’t recommend it for taller mommas. Maybe later on I’ll add a foot stool as well.

On top of having a newborn, we still have a puppy in the house. A big one but still very much a puppy! After his initial curiosity I’m sure he’s going to be a great big brother!

peony nursery decorpink floral nursery decor
We actually already had the dresser from when we got engaged. Breno just revamped it    with some white paint and new knobs!

baby girl cute nursery tour
Besides the obvious development, there’s a reason babies aren’t born til nine months later. We had a lot of growth to go through. Even when we found out it was a girl, we were by no means ready for a baby. We were still a bit freaked at what to do with one but now we’re ready for the major change and excited to figure it out together and have our little one in our arms. 💕

book corner in nursery decor
family photos in baby nursery
Our tiny family on May 29, 2019 expecting one more very very soon. 😌💕

maternity photos in nurseryFLORAL-BABY-NURSERY-19
We have a puppy picture of Rocky for now in the frame that says “me and my doggie”, can’t wait to get one of him and Thalía in there asap!

peony nursery decorpink nursery maternity photosultrasound in geometrical frame for nurseryFLORAL-BABY-NURSERY-15
I was totally later than everyone else to do everything. Everyone I knew that was pregnant started their nursery like a month or so before me even though their babies were due after. They also washed and folded all their baby clothes before me. I kept holding it off and then I understood why you should do it sooner……folding TINY clothes was cute til you got to the TINY socks and TINY burp clothes and then you were just over it. Took.Forever.

That’s my child’s father…she has half his genes…. Not sure if I should be excited or scared about that part. Can’t wait. 😂💕

Let me know what you guys think down below! Next time we take photos in here she’ll be in our arms! 🥰 Follow us on Instagram to stay updated as we become parents soon! @nassimbeniphoto & @nassimbenifilms

I tried getting links to as many items as I could for whoever wanted them, or at least let you know where I got some stuff..

Target |Round Floral MirroWhite Ledge ShelvesGold Geometric Curtain RodBaby Bath Robe

My Custom Timber | Wooden Calligraphy “Thalia” Sign

Amazon | Diaper Changing Pad Cover

Bed Bath & Beyond | Compact Glider

Walmart | Rocking Sheep

Michaels | Two Bigger Photo Frames

Hobby Lobby | Geometric Dresser Knobs  – Pink Wire Baskets on Wall

Home Goods/TJ Maxx | Curtain – Round Basket on Floor – Ultrasound Frames – Plant on dresser – Peony eony Painting – Floral Pillow – Nightstand

Nassimbeni Photo & Films – Central Florida Maternity Photographer

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