Getting Married Young | We did it anyways..

We are not “unrealistically in love” we know it’s difficult, we know it’s not all butterflies and unicorns. We know it’s hard work and effort and lots of will power. We know it’s a whole different mindset to get married, especially young. We know many say we are too young, we did it anyways.

2016 Recap and the Favorites

2016 is that one year that no one really wants to look back on, but for us personally.. it was a pretty big year! I started with 71 favorite photos but knew I had to narrow it down to at least 20. So here they are, along with some honorable mentions in the banner. 😀 

Breno & Karen | Adventure to the Sunshine State

So I’ve been away for a couple weeks from blogging, I know. Do you ever feel like you’re on all sides of the emotional spectrum. I’ve been all up and down and around it since moving back to Florida. Sad, frustrated, excited, overwhelmed…been there, done that. 

Hello October, goodbye Pennsylvania

Thursday’s are usually our days off from work. Breno and I were supposed to go eat at Shady Maple for the first time. We were supposed to go get the car washed and do our regular lazy day things like watch movies together and avoid the dishes.